As part of a University of West Alabama Graphic Design II course project, I was tasked with entirely re-branding an established brand. Out of the available brands, I chose Cross pens.


Company Background

Cross was founded by jewelry makers and artisans of usable luxury, and has been crafting fine writing instruments for more years than any company in the Western world. Cross pens are crafted using precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum as well as beautiful details like inset precious stones.



The primary challenge facing Cross is a dying market. In order to stay relevant, the company must be brought into the digital age. Pen sales have marginally dropped in 2016.



My proposed solution is to develop a pen that will work physically and digitally. It will target college students taking notes and design-oriented individuals. The product will contain the same quality that Cross is known for, as well as providing a means to digitally transfer all written content to computers


SWOT Analysis

  • Strengths
    1. High quality
    2. Reputation built off tradition
    3. Strong customer preference
    4. Resources
    5. Easily adaptable product to modern technology
  • Weaknesses
    1. Possible dying market
    2. Price
    3. Possible obsolete writing utensil method
  • Opportunities
    1. Adapting to a new technology and market
    2. Using product to improve students’ school life
    3. Can appeal to refined consumers, artists, and designers
    4. Ability to produce a product at a lower cost of approx. $100 to provide easier availability
  • Threats
    1. Pens could be seen as old, obsolete market
    2. CROSS has to adapt from old outdated methods to modern and digital based aspects while keeping the same feel of the CROSS brand.
    3. Under appreciated product



Previous Company Logos






3 Major Competing Pen Companies

  • 14732083320061812992375        Most famous pen according to the preference of users. Established in 1888. Said that the entire professional community commonly use this brand for their signatures and autographs. It is considered as the pen which “provides a high-class look to the writing and the pen made with dignity.” Named after the most popular brand of pen in the whole stationary market.


  • Best brand for producing writing instruments for the people. Established in 1906 and still working successfully. Famous for white styled 6 pointed start pens with rounded edges which are considered as the trademark of the company. It produces pens with different designs. Owns the title of producing the most stylish and expensive pens of the whole world. Mont Blanc is little expensive label and is not commonly available all around the globe, but its writing is amazing.


  • 5z348kyu          Can be seen on television many times in a single day. Almost all people of the world are aware of its name because of its popularity on television. Tagline they use for their product is The Joy of Writing. It is very easy to use and widely available. Top point is very cheap brand. Also recommended as the best pen brand to be purchased for having best writing and for comfortable use.



Customer Persona

Zack Ridley is a 21-year-old student attending Clemson University in South Carolina. He majors in Graphic Design, as well as serves at a local restaurant. He has a passion for technology and quality products. His most recent vacation was to New Orleans, Louisiana. His fantasy vacation would be to visit Los Angeles, California. He drives a Jeep Cherokee. Zack subscribes and reads Tech Magazines and blogs. His most frequent website is Adobe tutorials on Youtube. His last purchases included parts for his desktop computer. He recently attended a horror movie with a friend at the theater. His most recent conference he attended was a journalism conference. He has one guilty pleasure, Reese’s chocolate. He admires older generation authors and designers. His dream is to become a successful digital designer. His biggest threat to his self identity is being a workaholic. His worst-case scenario would be to fail school and end up broke. He is surrounded by supportive family and friends.


Logo Sketches and Notes

Alternate Versions

Below, are a few alternate versions of the logo that I worked up all the way to the digital stage.









Final Logo

The official logo chosen. This concept is clean and reflects the company’s image in a professional and modern way.









Product Mockup






Static Mood Board