Enterprise Re-brand

Country Base: United States of America

Industry/ Sector/ Keywords: High Quality Pens, Office Accessories, Digital Writing Hardware and Software

Below: Before and After Logo Images, Logo Sketches, Summary of Re-Branding Process, Various Marketing Product Mock-up Images


As part of a University of West Alabama Graphic Design II course project, I was tasked with entirely re-branding an established brand. Out of the available brands, I chose Cross pens.

*Disclaimer: I did not have any interaction with this company and am not affliated with Cross in any way.*

Company Background

Cross was founded by jewelry makers and artisans of usable luxury, and has been crafting fine writing instruments for more years than any company in the Western world. Cross pens are crafted using precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum as well as beautiful details like inset precious stones.


The primary challenge facing Cross is a dying market. In order to stay relevant, the company must be brought into the digital age. Pen sales have marginally dropped in 2016.


My proposed solution is to develop a pen that will work physically and digitally. It will target college students taking notes and design-oriented individuals. The product will contain the same quality that Cross is known for, as well as providing a means to digitally transfer all written content to computers.



Product Mock-up